Thanks for stopping by! You may be asking yourself, what is Lend? Lend is an app-based rental marketplace that provides individuals and businesses who own commonly used products an opportunity to participate in the rental market. We are a Pittsburgh company launching in our home city on July 2024!

Make money, save money, and get the majority of products delivered straight to your door. Watch our short video on this page for more details.

You can sign up today to be positioned as one of the first lenders for your chosen niche market and gain a following while also being automatically entered for a chance to win $1,000 in Amazon gift cards!

Check out our Instagram @rentwithlend for full contest details and give us a follow for more upcoming news.

Lend’s mobile app will be available on all Android and Apple devices along with our website the day we launch. Make sure to download the app on July 2024!!!

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Coming July 2024

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